Part of being a ballet dancer is learning how to pull your hair back into a smooth, high bun. Even if you want to wear your bun to the office instead of the stage, you will look just as graceful as a ballet dancer when wearing this classic, flawless style.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Hairspray
  • Hair brush
  • Hair band
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair net

Gather hair in a ponytail. Pull back as much of the hair as you can. Hairspray any loose hair, comb it back and secure the ponytail with a hair band.

Gather hair in a ponytail

Twist hair into one long strand and wrap it around into a bun shape. Use one or two bobby pins to secure the coiled hair into the hair underneath the forming bun.

Twist and wrap hair into a bun shape
Use a hair net to cover the bun

Use a hair net to cover the bun

Cover the bun with a hair net. You can keep adjusting and tightening the hair net until it fits snugly over the bun. Use extra bobby pins if needed.

Use extra bobby pins if needed


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